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The Best Of 2016 Magnetic Knife Holders

Let’s face it kitchen knives are not only one of the most used kitchen instrument, but also something that should be protected and showed off.  A knife holder can not only prolong your knives lifetime, but also keep it sharper longer and can become a focal point of your kitchen.  A knife holder or knife block also puts your kitchen knives within easy reach, so you aren’t digging through kitchen drawers looking for your knife.

There are many different types of knife holders and knife blocks, from ones that hang on the wall to knife blocks that conveniently store in your kitchen drawer. Not only will using a knife holder prevent your knife from getting dulled from banging into other kitchen utensils, but it will also make your kitchen safer, especially if you have children. For instance, if you have young children keeping your knives in a knife block that you can store in your kitchen drawer and put a child safety latch on that drawer can minimize the chance that your young child picks up your chef knife and also decides to cut up an apple or pear to eat.

Currently one of the most popular ways to not only display kitchen knives, but also keep them within easy reach are magnetic knife holders.  Besides keeping your knifes within easy reach, knife holders or knife bars are also very useful for hanging your metal spoons and other metal kitchen utensils from to keep them within easy reach. Most magnetic knife holders attach to your wall using two screws and can be installed in a few minutes. The floating look of magnetic knife holders are not only aesthetically pleasing but creates a focal point in your kitchen.

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One of the first things you will want to do when purchasing a knife holder is finding the best location to install it.  While some magnetic knife holders can be installed using a strong self adhesive, it is generally recommended to screw the backing plate directly into the wall, so that your knife holder is securely attached to your wall.

  • Conveniently next to a stove or oven or against a back wall so that your kitchen knife or knives are conveniently within reach.
  • On the back of a bottom cabinet, this does take away some of the focus on your kitchen knives, but if space is at a premium or you have small children, it can be a great option.  Just attach the magnetic knife holder to the back of your kitchen door or side of your kitchen cabinets and you will always have your knives within easy reach.
  • On any wall in your kitchen, the free floating aspect of knife holders are quickly becoming a popular design aspect of new kitchen designs and kitchen renovations.
  • On the back door of your pantry, while you may have to walk a little farther to get your kitchen knife, this is an option, especially if space is at a premium in your kitchen.

Stately Magnetic Knife Holders:

If you are looking to make an impression, a knife holder that is aesthetically beauty and that is crafted out of fine wood or stainless steel that looks sleek and elegant is a wise decision.  While magnetic knife holders that are designed to provide a wow factor do cost a little bit more, they are not that much more than comparable models.



This cherry or oak knife holder, comes in several different sizes from 12 – 24 inches, and uses strong neodymium magnets to keep your knives and other kitchen utensils securely attached to the wall. The wood knife holder looks truly beautiful and is a good contrast for back painted kitchen walls or glass tiled walls. The magnetic knife holder attaches to the wall using two screws and includes a template, making drilling holes and installation a breeze.



The eva solo wall mount knife magnets come in a set of four, that are uniquely different and can make a really strong statement in your kitchen. They are danish inspired and made proudly in Denmark, each magnet installs securely using a mounting screw, besides walls, they can also be used to store your knife in a kitchen cabinet.  Some people have even used them in home workshops to store screw drivers and other tools. If you are looking for a unique design and really trendy way to display your knives, then you will want to pick up a set of the Eva Solo Wall Mount Knife Holder Magnets.



These beautiful furniture grade zebrawood magnetic knife holders are not only affordable, but look great on the wall or even on the outside of a cabinet. Besides the zebrawood which really stands out, they are available in Cherry, Maple, Lacewood, Walnut and Wenge wood colors, installation is really easy and they install so that you don’t see any screw holes.  If you are tired of the stainless steel look of most knife bars or knife holders and instead are looking for something that will bring warmth to your kitchen, then you will want to be sure to check out the MOC Zebrawood 12 inch wooden magnetic knife holders.

Stainless Steel Knife Bars And Knife Holders

By far stainless steal knife holders are the most popular type of hanging knife holders, they don’t rust, are easy to wipe down and affordable, they also go well with stainless steal appliances.  Here are the most popular stainless steal knife holders available.



This particular stainless steel knife bar is not only functional, but will hold several of your kitchen knives or kitchen utensils securely to the wall. It is one of the most popular brands of stainless steel knife bars on the market, and customers really like the elegant look and durability of the PBkay knife holder.



The Ikea stainless steel knife holder is really the entry level knife holder, if you are looking to get a knife holder and not spend a fortune this is an option.  Overall we don’t like this knife holder as much as other manufactures, since the magnets are on the top and bottom, and aren’t as strong as knife holders where the magnet goes across the entire middle of the bar.  While it will do the job, considering the small price difference to upgrade to another type of knife holder, it’s generally advisable to only get the Ikea knife bar only if you are really price conscious.  It isn’t a horrible knife bar and will do the job, but it can be wobbly and isn’t well suited for small paring knives or kitchen knives with limited surface area.



If you are looking for an elegant stainless steel knife holder that you can hang on the wall and proudly display your chef knife and other kitchen knives, then this is the magnetic knife holder for you.  Compared to the Ikea knife bar that is only slightly cheaper, this is a great upgrade, and you will be happy with your purchase.



Normally we wouldn’t recommend a knife holder that costs over $100 when you can find comparable knife bars for a lot less, however the Global G-42/51 Magnetic Knife Storage Wall Magnet is truly beautiful. If you have G2 knives already, you will appreciate the dot pattern in the knife bar that compliments your other Global G2 knives.  While this particular knife bar does cost a bit more than other brands, it is really strong and sturdy and with the dot pattern, it helps your knives dry quicker.  If you are looking for the ultimate wow factor in your kitchen and don’t mind paying a bit more, then you will want to purchase the Global G-42 Magnetic Knife Holder.